Monday, 15 December 2014

Day Sixty-Six

1. An afternoon in the studio

Wills spent last night and today with his dad so I had a much needed break. I spent most of the day in a friend’s recording studio doing backing vocal harmonies on a really beautiful track. I’m really excited and honoured to be playing a part in it. It’s a huge and wonderful project.

This was the first time I’ve done anything musical since we’ve been on the transplant list and it was really good for me. I do enjoy it and it’s a good break and escape from thinking about the medical things. Today was lots of fun but also hard work and I had to concentrate hard on lots of things; the tunes, pitching, diction, mechanics of making and shaping the sounds…  There was no time to worry about Wills and getting that call, although my phone was silent in my back pocket in case!

I came home re-inspired to sing, play and write some more material. I had an idea some time ago to write some music and spoken word around our journey, incorporating sound scales such as drip pump action and alarms, intensive care bleeps and alarms, voices, oxygen hissing…. there is so much and the transplant journey is an incredible one to look at. I’d like to look at some of the themes and explore them in an abstract way with sound instrumentals and vocals. It’s something I can sketching and recording ideas but it’s not a project that can be fully worked out until we reach our destination. It’s something else to think about and get my creative juices around though and can only be a good thing. Taking this journey with a creative spirit is what keeps me going with positivity.

2. Kaleidoscope 

This is another re-working of an earlier draft shared here. It's getting there this one.

Myriads of frozen fractals
A tremble would jolt
this ordered spectacle
Crimson with green
Indigo with amber
Stunning in perfection

Then the wind blew time
And colours burst
Shards of broken promises
Crashing and spinning
All jostling for position
in the next alignment

3. Christmas begins

In a few hours time, William’s biggest sister, Hope will be home from Birmingham. She’s a student there and it’s been hard for her to be away during the time Wills went back on the transplant list. It’s hard for her hearing how things are and how he is over the phone. She’s in Birmingham so she’ll at least be there when he gets the call but this time is tough for her I know. It would be incredibly ironic if we got the call tonight and ended up leaving Hope behind here.

Until that moment comes, we’re all really looking forward to being together and spending a wonderful Christmastime, full of traditions - some born generations ago and others newer, even born in hospital. We got stared with Christmas right from the start of Advent on December 1st but it really gets going now. Time to open the Baileys.

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