Saturday, 13 December 2014

Day Sixty-Four

1. No Blog

So I didn't get my three pieces up last night because a lovely friend came round at around five and we talked, drank mulled wine, ate baked camembert and cranberry and put the world to rights until around midnight. I hope there will be many more nights like that over the festive period so I'll be writing hard to get ahead of myself with some pieces that can be shared. It's been a bit hard to do that lately though because life with Wills is so full on at the moment.

Yesterday we changed the stoma bag over six times because of leaks caused by his incessant flow of watery liquid - it was a bad day yesterday. Now I'm concerned because the company who supply them take two weeks to get them to us. They have to get prescriptions from the GP first. But we've used about two weeks work in the last few days and could run out and be unable to get more for Christmas. I'll have to beg, borrow or steal tomorrow.

Last night saw three more bag leaks so it wasn't the best sleep. We're having a lazy morning and I'm fuelling myself up with coffee because we have a very exciting afternoon planned. Watch this space later when I put up today's blog to read more about that and, I'm sure, for some lovely photos.

2. Wishing on a star

After my friend left I spent a short while, a much shorter while than I wanted to because it was soooo cold, watching the sky for meteors. For once, we had a crystal clear sky for a celestial event. I would have loved to have been able to get out of the city lights and somewhere where I could have seen the shower in more detail and glory but, as it was, I saw a few from just outside the house. I wished on my shooting star. Sorry, no prizes for guessing what that wish was?

3.  The greatest gift of all

This is a re-draft of a poem I shared earlier.

I give to you my heart
Please, handle it with care
It never got the chance to break
Though had so much love to share

To you, I give my lungs
They never had a wheeze 
They'll help you to run and jump and sing
And breath at last with ease

I’m giving you my liver
I liked my coke with rum
So I know it is a good one
Just please don’t tell my mum

I give both of you a kidney
They kept me going strong
In miles and miles of training
and gold in the half marathon

To you, I give intestines
So at last you’ll be able to eat
I bet you can’t wait to savour
Vanilla cakes were my favourite treat

I’m giving to you my pancreas
I had a very sweet tooth
and was pushing it right to the limit I think
But luckily, it’s still in it’s youth

I’m giving you all something precious
Things I’ve had all my life, parts of me
So now, I’ll always be part of you
In every new moment you see

If you are not on the organ donor register, please do click here for more information and to sign up.

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