Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Day Sixty-Seven

1. My Christmas List  (#donationwish)

Towards the end of November, Wills wrote his Christmas wish list for Santa. I wrote mine today and I invite you to do the same.

Most of William’s Christmas wish list is sitting hidden at the side of my wardrobe, waiting to be wrapped up. I say most because he cunningly put in a few items that don’t exist as a test to see if Santa really exists! Santa wasn’t able to make them so we shall see what Wills concludes from that. Santa can’t make my Christmas wish list come true either.

I want Wills to have a new bowel, liver, colon and an extra pancreas for Christmas. I also want people who see my wish list and are not already on the organ donor register to join and tell others that they have joined and what their wishes are. I also want it to snow for Christmas! My mum said that may stop us getting to Birmingham if the other two wishes come true but we can always fly.

My wishes are part of the NHS organ donation Christmas awareness campaign, The Christmas List. The Christmas list we can’t forget, to sign up and save lives. While people across the UK are looking forward to spending Christmas with their loved ones and exchanging gifts, 6 891 people, including Wills, on the transplant list, and their loved ones, will be hoping they get the gift of an organ from a brave and wonderful stranger.

Through the Christmas List campaign, they are highlighting transplant stories and you can get involved. All you have to do is download your own Christmas List, fill it with two wishes supporting organ donation and a third fun one and take a selfie holding your wish list. You can then take to social media with the hashtag #donationwish.

Please do get involved, please tell people about organ donation this Christmas and please do sign that register if you are not already on it.

While I was writing this, my phone rang with that ‘no caller id.’ I wondered, I really did. It wasn’t ‘the’ call - this time but you can help make that call come for people like us if you get involved and share this campaign.

2. A Boxful of Christmas

While we’re on the subject of Christmas wish lists, here is another sleigh reworking on a poem I shared when I was thinking about Christmas gift hampers earlier in the month.

I’ll pack you a box full of Christmas;
Mugs with hot chocolate and candy cane spoons
Chocolates and toffees
Jellies fruits and fudge
Christollen, lieberkucken, gingerbread and shortbread
Royal Iced Christmas cake
Nuts, clementines and dates
Bottles of wine, brandy and Baileys
Crackers, paper chains, snow globes,
Real snow
A snow man
A pine scented Christmas tree
Twinkling with fairy lights
and bright decorations
And a pile of wrapped presents
Books brimming with adventures
Handmade Dolls, cars and trains
Candles and perfumes
Board games,
I’ll pack you a box full of Christmas;
Days packed with fun with your loved ones surrounding you
A magic box that makes wishes come true
A pillow to sleep on that stops all your nightmares

An end to the pain and the sickness you’ve struggled with
Face cream for mummy to wipe off worried frowns
Promises that next year will bring good health forever
Energy to run, dance and play like a child should
Days full of happiness
Days full of smiles
I’ll pack you a box full of Christmas
and send it with all of my love.

3. The 15 Days of Christmas 

This is the special version of The 12 Days of Christmas I wrote to help the Bright Green Star Man to spread the news about organ donation this Christmas. I know I’ve shared it before but it seems perfect on today’s blog. I promise lots of exciting original writing over the coming days to make up for it. I’ll share the video and last verse with all the gifts for now.

On the fifteenth day of Christmas
My green star gave to me
A world of bright new mornings
Breath to sing this song
An end to all my pain
A life to share together
Daddy’s funny stories
Precious happy memories
Laughter with my best friends
Hope for the future
Bright eyes a shining
Rosy cheeks a glowing
Treasure more than gold
Energy to play
Mummy’s smiling face
Time with family
and the greatest gift there ever could be

If you are not on the organ donor register, please do click here for more information and to sign up.

If you are enjoying this blog, please help me to keep going and help crowdfund my Three A Day: Waiting project  and get some lovely postcards and an anthology, limited for only those who support and invest in the project.

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