Sunday, 30 November 2014

Day Fifty-One

1. Overwhelmed

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed today and not just the usual 'heeby jeebies' that come with being on the transplant list. I am feeling overwhelmed because I need to sort all of this

into fourteen of these

and I need to do this  before I go to bed because;

1) I am delivering 5 to Kings Hospital in the morning.
2) because our Christmas Tree is coming tomorrow and I need to put it up exactly where all that mess is.
3) because if we get that cake right now I'd be in a mahoosive fluster!

So, it is in so many best interests I sort this now rather than writing....

These are the 'Christmas in a Box' hampers I wrote about yesterday, together with the poem they inspired.

2. Things that go boom in the night

While I'm on the subject of feeling overwhelmed, did anyone else hear these strange noises last night? I heard something that sounded like the magnetic knocking in an MRI scanning room (which I have been in twice this year with Wills) mixed in with a kind of cross between fireworks and thunder but none of it sounded like anything I have ever heard before. This isn't a surprise as I am hearing lots of things for the first time at the moment as I have hearing aids for the first time. When I hear new things I generally ask about them but, other than Wills,  I was in alone so I asked on Facebook and twitter and found loads of people were as perplexed as me, and not just local people either. 

It is strange there hasn't been more about it in the media. I wonder what it was? There were fireworks in Croydon but it was more than that. To me, what I heard sounded a lot like the start of this video so I think it could have been a meteorite burning up?

If you heard it I'd love to think what you think. Maybe the source of the noise was the reason for my heeby jeebies yesterday?

3. Snowman Soup

This is a poem I wrote today for the boxes. It's my own recipe for 'snowman soup' from one mum to another. In the hampers, it goes with the ingredients in a special mug. It is very yummy, warming  and comforting so I recommend it.

When you’re feeling a little bit blue
Here’s a little something you can do
Make yourself some snowman soup
And take some time out to regroup

Pour the packet in a mug
and add hot water too
Then sprinkle on marshmallows
We put there just for you

Take a moment, take deep breaths
Stir with the peppermint stick
Then drink it nice and slowly
We hope it does the trick


  1. Ooh, this is a kind of 'I want to know more!' post... Did you manage to sort all the goodie bags (I hope so, it did look very overwhelming!) ? Did you get 'snowman soup' ? But most of all, what was that noise? Did you find out? Could it have been a lost super her breaking the sound barrier?? x

    1. Argh, phone keyboard! Super JET !